Moling, also known as impact moling is a fast and efficient way to instal pipes, cables and ducts beneath the ground, with very little disruption to the surface. We can mole a bore hole between 45mm and 180mm diameter and up to 20 metres in distance, depending on ground conditions.

The mole, otherwise known as a Soil Displacement Hammer, operates on compressed air powering a piston inside the cylindrical casing. The hammering action drives the mole forward, displacing and compacting the ground around it, leaving behind a bore hole ready for the installation of the required product.

Moling is commonly used at Pipeline Logistics for replacing small diameter service pipes to domestic properties.

It can also be used when wanting to install beneath:

  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Trees
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Existing structures

 Most recently Pipeline Logistics has been using this technology to install ducting so that fibre optic broadband can be connected to private properties and estates.



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