When installing long distances of pipes and cables across fields and grassland the vibratory mole plough is an efficient method of installation (i.e. trenching)
The vibrating plough attachment is fitted to the back our Ditchwitch RT120 Quad which pulls a chute blade through the ground. The product is inserted down the chute on the blade and deposited at the required depth. The product is installed quickly and efficiently with no stress on the pipe or cable.

Unlike most mole ploughs used in the industry, our Ditchwitch RT120 Quad, with its superior quad track system, gives minimal compaction and surface damage, whilst giving maximum traction when installing services in all ground conditions.


When a trench is required, up to 500 metres can be achieved in a day using our trencher chain attachment. Our chain can create a trench 15” wide and 1.2 metres deep. It is ideal for pipe, cable or multi utility installation.

Fast and Efficient

Low Impact

Cost Effective



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